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Don't 'Wine' Making Dinner

Kyle walks into the house from work to find Stevie at the table in her cooking apron sipping a glass of wine and the dinner he was expecting to have ready when he got home is basically on fire on the stove. Stevie forgot that she was cooking due to the wine, and thus their dinner was ruined. He sternly scolds her before stripping her naked wearing only her apron and proceeds to spank the daylights out of her little bottom til it is scorching hot and bright red. He proceeds to use his hand,...

Cooking Motivations

Stevie has 4 ingredients to use on dinner and she just can NOT seem to figure out a good combination. She thinks and thinks.. and then decides that maybe a good spanking is in order to help kick her brain into coming up with the perfect dinner. She calls Kyle into the kitchen and asks him to spank her til she thinks of something. He agrees and what follows is a pants up than pants down bun burning that had stevie yelping and finally, after having her poor bottom spanked SO soundly, she...

Real Discipline Series: Stevies Mouthy Mistake

Stevie has been having a very bad mouth and disrespectful attitude towards those around her, and finally Kyle has had enough and decides to discipline her severely. After a stern lecture on the way she talks to people, Kyle spanks Stevie's bottom soundly to squirming pleading and finally tearful submission as he helps to teach her how to have a more respectful mouth and what happens when she doesn't, which is a SEVERE BARE BOTTOM SPANKING!

COUPLES HELP 1: Part 2- Meet the Couple

"Couples Help 1" is a real life series with Kaitlyn and Shaun, a young DD couple who wants to have a better relationship. Shaun was vanilla coming in, and Kaitlyn has been into the lifestyle her whole life. They flew Kyle and Kat out to Indiana for a week to get the help they need. This is a multi part series showcasing the sessions and the results from the beginning to end....

The Mystery Bag!

Kyle and Stevie decide to play a game with paper bags called the Mystery Bag. They decide to play 5 rounds of it. Each of the three bags represents a different part of her spanking: Number of spanks (between 5 and 35), Implement spanked with (Paddle, cane, strap, flogger, tawse, wooden spoon, etc) and Clothing allowed (over shorts, panties or on the bare bottom).. with fate as her guide, watch as stevie draws 5 separate rounds and gets more than she bargained for with this very stern game for...

Models Amo Morbia and Gidget spanked for past!

Models Amo Morbia and Gidget are the first girls to come to me together after seeing my videos. Best friends since childhood, both have recently been getting teased about bad behavior from their past and have decided that discipline might help. They come knowing I'm gonna blister their asses, and they were right!

Cussing Correction

Stevie is supposed to be going out with her friend, but has an attitude and goes off on Kyle, so he sends her to her room to get ready with the thick hairbrush to wait for a bare bottom blistering which for once, will START on the bare bottom. Stevie goes into her room and waits for Kyle in her panties. When he comes in and finds out she has panties on, he makes her crawl on her bed and take them off in front of him for not listening, before taking her over his knee and blistering her bare...

Slumber Party Blues

Katherine is hosting a sleepover with her friends Amo and Gidget. They dare Katherine to play a prank on her dorky sleeping friend, but get more than they bargain for when he wakes up and decides that all three brats need to be taught a lesson.

Stevie's Tearful Maintenance Spanking

Kyle tells Stevie to wait in the corner in her panties for a half hour. When he comes in, he tells her she needs a long severe maintenance as a release for them both. He pulls her over his knee and spanks her over her shorts, panties and bare bottom til she is sobbing her pretty little eyes out.

Real Discipline Collection

47 Minutes of Hard Spanking Action. Three of our top selling clips of REAL DISCIPLINE SESSIONS all combined in one. The collection features Model Lily Starr Spanked to Tears for Staying Up, 18 Year Old Spanked to Tears for Cutting, and 18 year old Angelica Spanked Severely for Stealing! These are all real girls getting real disciplinary spankings to tears for REAL offenses. No paid models at all, and no fake spankings.

Stevie's Serious Self-Spanking

Stevie is all business on the phone, until she realizes she is late for her appointed time that her disciplinarian gave her to complete her long and hard self spanking. She looks into her mirror and removes her skirt, leaving her in her business shirt and panties, and she proceeds to blister herself soundly with her hand, a hairbrush, bathbrush and a leather strap!

Dating Disaster: Lily Starr spanked HARD by Katherine St James

In "Dating Disaster", Lily flirts with Katherine's date as Kat is getting ready, and scares him off. Kat gets mad and decides what Lily needs is a good sound bare bottom otk spanking, followed by the use of a lexan paddle and very hard strapping before making Lily tearfully call Kat's date and tell him the truth.

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