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A D.D. Discussion

Josh is sitting on the couch reading when his wife Stevie comes in to talk to him about her friend Becky, who told her she is in a D.D. (Domestic Discipline) relationship. Stevie hasnt been able to get the idea of DD out of her head since, and asks her husband if he would discipline her with a spanking so she can see how it feels. They both shyly work their way through this strange and beautiful first experience with Domestic Discipline. A SUBMISSIVE WIFE GETS HER FIRST EVER HARD SPANKING...

The True Meaning of C.P.

Life at C.P. Enterprises isn't easy, as Natalie learns when she turns in a report late, with errors, no less. Soon Natalie discovers The True Meaning of C.P.

REAL DISCIPLINE SERIES: Stevies General Attitude Adjustment

Kyle calls stevie out of the corner in panties and a t shirt and makes her kneel to discuss her behaviors. She feels she has been well behaved but Kyle feels she needs an attitude adjustment and proceeds to lecture her sternly, pull her across his knee and spank her soundly with his hand and the hairbrush til she is shouting, kicking and crying. A VERY HARD, VERY REAL SPANKING DONE FIRMLY BUT LOVINGLY

A Scarlett Letter - Part 1

Natalie finds a letter from her boyfriend, already opened and thrown in the trash! It turns out to be a confession from Natalie's BF that he had a fling with Molly in A Scarlett Letter.

A Zen Spanking

Stevie and her zen yoga teacher Anna are practicing mind clearing techniques, but Stevie keeps thinking about a stupid video she thought was funny and laughing. Anna finally gets fed up with the interruptions and tells the dumb girl that its time for a NEW mind-clearing technique. She makes the slutty little blonde kneel and bend her bottom out, as she secretly pulls a strap out of her bag and proceeds to teach the little slut a lesson: TAKE HER TEACHINGS SERIOUSLY OR SHE WILL BEAT YOUR ASS!...

Just 'Cause!

Then Molly and Natalie share a spanking attraction and decide to act on it, Just 'Cause!

A Mouthy Mistake

On the phone with her friend Becky, Stevie is trash talking and cussing up a storm without noticing that her strict guardian had walked in and overheard. She had been warned that she would get the hairbrush if she was caught cussing again and her angry guardian storms off to the bathroom to get the hairbrush as stevie tells her friend to hold on. Her guardian comes out with the brush and takes Stevies protesting little bottom over her knee for a very hard spanking that the naughty girl will...

Happy 28th Birthday...But Who's Counting - Part 2

Finally in Happy 28th Birthday...But Who's Counting, Carolyn gets her revenge, giving Chelsea a birthday spanking that goes on and on!

The Hidden Cigs Pt 2

Stevie has just finished giving herself a VERY sound bare bottom self-spanking til her bottom is bright red and sore, and with her panties and pajama pants around her ankles, she walks into the other room where Kyle has a hairbrush and a strap and is waiting to continue her punishment. He talks to her about hiding the ciggarettes breifly before proceeding to spank her to tears almost immeadiatly on her already very sore bottom and then finishing it with a strapping that has her howling...

Happy 28th Birthday...But Who's Counting - Part 1

Finally in Happy 28th Birthday...But Who's Counting, Carolyn gets her revenge, giving Chelsea a birthday spanking that goes on and on!

The Hidden Cigs Pt 1

Stevie wakes up to find implements and a note on the pillow next to her from her Daddy, Kyle. He has warned her that if he caught her with ciggarettes he would blister her, and she hid a pack which he found. The note tells her he is waiting in the other room with a strap and hairbrush, and that before she comes out to get blistered by him, she needs to use the implements on her bed with her pajamas pulled down to soundly spank her own bottom right before he punishes her, to REALLY drive the...

The Naughty Neighbor - Part 2

Then, as a new neighbor, Carolyn is invited over and soundly spanked for requiring too much "help" from Chelsea's hubby in The Naughty Neighbor.

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