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2 Clips in 1 - Voyeur Vision and Staying Up

Voyeur Vision - Kila, who is currently 18 years old, is one of my closest friends. She has been, in recent months, blowing me off. I finally told her it was either she do a session with me or she wasnt going to be allowed over anymore. She chose the session. In light of the recent Erin Andrews controversy with her being filmed by a voyeur, I decided to record this spanking entirely from a Voyeurs perspective. Staying Up - Lily Star has been staying up all night again even though she had a...

Lorelie's Last Traditional Spanking

MP4 - 20 Year old Lorelie was raised in a very firm traditional hispanic household, where all were expected to obey their parents and were very strong in their catholic beliefs. Lorelie is out for discipline from Kyle, but first sits down to share and then reenact the last spanking she got. She was made to kneel on the kitchen floor on rice or beans and was spanked to tears til she confessed with a Chankla (Flip Flop) and a belt.

Couples Retreat Part 2 - Severe Session

Julia and her husband are in a discipline relationship. Julia has come out early to be spanked by Kyle since she has been doing a few things in her life that are totally unacceptable. In Part 2 Julie is spanked with every implement imaginable. It is a long hard session.

Monica and Erin Scolded and then Spanked

Monica and Erin arrived at Kyles house a little bit earlier then he expected. They decide just to chill in his living room before he gets home. While just sitting there they start doing something they know they should not do... Kyle comes home and when he catches them he marches over and starts lecturing them about house etiquette and about asking before they take and use something that isn't theirs. He scolds them both and makes Monica tell Erin what happens in his house when girls break...

The Spanking Game

Apparently this is what happens when three brats hang out with a devious disciplinarian on a Friday night! Lots of laughs and lots of pain. All three girls are soundly spanked near tears by the end, plus theres a twist!

Piercing Regrets

Mari and Stevie, dressed in onesies, decide to follow the latest trend and film a social media blog video where Stevie gets her nose pierced to get her reaction. The girls do it, but don't realize how much it will bleed and lose control of the situation. They call for Kyle, and when he comes in and see what happened while he was left in charge, he tells her to get the punishment strap and proceeds to remove their onesies while the blog is still filming, blistering their bare bottoms with it...

Irate Roommate

Kat and Kyle are watching a movie, very loudly, keeping up their third roommate, Lily. She asks if they can turn it down but Kat becomes disrespectful and argumentative. Well LIly is going to have none of that and takes Kat over her knee for long and hard punishment.

Implement Training Vol. 2

Julie's Master now takes over. She is punished with a wooden spoon followed by a wooden paddle. For the last part of her session Julie is strapped on her bare bottom.

A Spanking for Pranking

Kat St James has been playing pranks all day on her friend Lily Starr. First she calls her out saying a boy is on the phone and scares her, then later she puts a thumb tack on Lily's seat. Lily is getting fed up and decides to prank Kat back by calling her into the kitchen yelling that she's cut her finger but is ready to throw a glass of water in her face when she rounds the corner. Unfortunately when Lily yells it's Kyle who comes running instead of Kat and Kyle gets the glass of water in...

Couples Retreat Part 1 - Julia's Arrival

Julia and her husband are in a discipline relationship. Julia has come out early to be spanked by Kyle since she has been doing a few things in her life that are totally unacceptable.

Implement Training Vol. 1

Julie's Master is trained by Kyle on how to use each implement properly. Stevie is the guinea pig. They start off with the wooden spoon, followed by the paddle, next comes the cane, and then they end with the strap. Tons of great spanking and instruction.

Shopping Shenanigans

In this domestic discipline style roleplay video Lily is a 18 year old high school girl who has gone overboard with the credit card for emergencies. Apparently, she felt that Xmas shopping constituted an "emergency" and racked up quite a bill. An unpleasant surprise arrives in the mail he is none too pleased and calls her out from her room for a lecturing. When she is flippant about the situation he decides the only way to get through is resorting to a good old fashioned spanking!

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