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Double Strapped Christy

In this very first team up by Disciplinary Arts and Assume the Position studios, there is very little set up and no storyline, the three girls are brought wearing schoolgirl outfits one by one and given 200 strokes of the strap each over panties for Nikki and Rochelle, and 100 swats over panties for Christy at the end, who crys her eyes out. All three are tearing up before the end of their very hard double strappings.

Lily Punished Severely for Inappropriate Christmas Party Behavior

Robert and Lily have just gotten back to their hotel room after attending his company Christmas party in Las Vegas. Robert thinks Lily had a little too much "fun" at the party, considering it was a work function for him. She had a little too much to drink, flirted with his coworker Tom all night, and just generally embarrassed him. When he tries to have a talk with her, he learns that she also stole some of the party decorations, two large braided plastic candy canes. Lily thinks he's being...

Hawaii Strapping

While shooting in hawaii for a company, Kat and Kyle decide to show off their new strap in front of the beautiful ocean and volcanic view they have in their hotel room. Kat bares her butt and gets 15 hard smacks, while having to count and say aloha after each of the last 5!

Chica's Overdue Tearful Punishment

Chica is a young lady who Lily has been mentoring in private sessions for a few years now. This is her first time choosing to have her punishment filmed. Normally Chica gets a session about once a month, but because of a lot of things going on in her life she hadn't been able to visit for 3 months. She had been doing much better keeping her life under control and following the rules she and Lily agreed upon, but in the last couple of months she had gotten out of control, broken nearly every...

The Grades

In a sitcom-style (filming-wise of course) fun spanking video, Audrina comes home with her semester report and hides it, trying to distract her bf Kyle with EVERY excuse in the book. Very funny dialogue results in a very hard bare bottom spanking for Audrina when she finally gives up and accepts that she is destined to go over his knee.

Head Stuck Humiliation and Spanking!

Alex Reynolds has dropped her phone between the bed and the dresser. When she crawls to retrieve it, her head gets stuck in the small space. She calls for Lily Starr to help her, but upon her arrival, Lily just laughs and mocks Alex for getting stuck in such a silly position. Because Alex's butt is up in the air, Lily begins to spank her. She then pulls down her panties and spanks her bare bottom, all the while Alex is struggling with her stuck head and is very embarrassed. She then grabs...

Sun Burnt Nude Strapping to Tears for DIsobedience

Lily comes into the bathroom as Alex is getting out of the shower and looking at her fresh bright red sunburn in the mirror. She immediately confronts Alex as to how she managed to get a sunburn when she was supposed to be inside the house grounded! Just yesterday Alex had been spanked and grounded for disrespect, and now she has disrespected the rules again by simply going out anyway. Mom tells Alex she's getting a harder spanking now. Alex protests that the sunburn should be enough...

Bliss Picked Up From Police for Egging Cars!

Robeart Wolf is enjoying an evening poker game with his buddies when he gets a very upsetting call from the police. Bliss was caught vandalizing cars by throwing eggs at them and they will not release her until he comes down to handle it. He drags her into the living room fuming that his night was ruined and she'd embarrassed him and put herself in a bad situation because of her poor choices. He pulls her over his lap and spanks her really hard with his hand over her jeans first and then bare...

Stealing From Grandpa

Sam and Kat are sisters who have a yearly tradition: When grandpa comes out to visit, they sneak into his room and each take a a "souvenir" to keep from his luggage. This year, they open his bags to find hairbrushes, hockey sticks, weight lifting belts, and a weird purple stick that wiggles! They decide to steal his weird items, when grandpa walks in and catches them with his dildos. He decides these clueless girls need a good sound spanking and that is exactly what he gives them! He lays...

Joelle Spanked for Drawing

When Robert sits down to read his book, he is displeased to see scribbling all over the pages. He calls in Joelle, looking darling in pigtails and carrying her stuffed giraffe, and she admits that she drew the pictures and was hoping he'd think they were pretty. He is nearly charmed by how cute she is, but reminds her that she's been warned in the past not to draw on things other than her coloring books, and tells her she's going to get a spanking. Joelle gets a hard spanking over her...

Roadtrip 2: The Bird

Kyle, Sarah and Kat took a roadtrip out to Monterey in California. On the way, there were many spankings. In part II Kat spanked by Kyle for irresponsibility.

Cheating Girlfriend Caught and Punished!

Alex Reynolds greets her girlfriend Lily with a loving hug and kisses, but her mood quickly changes when she notices the scent of a man's cologne all over Lily's face and neck. Lily reluctantly admits that she made a mistake and made out with a male friend of hers after some drinks. Alex is very disappointed and hurt, and she tells Lily that if she doesn't want to break up and wants to be forgiven and trusted in the future, she needs to agree to take a hard spanking as punishment. Lily...

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