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Irate Roommate: The Ruined Laundry

Alex Reynolds comes into Lily's bedroom really angry because she had asked Lily to sort her laundry and washed it along with her own clothes only to find her things ruined because Lily left a blue pair of pants in with the light colors. Lily says sorry and tries to blow it off like no big deal, but Alex is not going to be satisfied with a halfhearted apology and has brought a rubber spatula from the kitchen, already planning to give her thoughtless roommate a spanking. She pulls Lily over her...

Kisa's Last Spanking

kisa is moving back to South Carolina to fix her life and the mistakes she has made, and the night before she leaves, her girlfriend Stevie sits her down for a real discipline session to remind her to behave herself. What follows is a VERY hard but loving disciplinary spanking with hand, cane and strap all on her very pale bare bottom!

The Freeloading Fetish Mode

Alex Reynolds gets home from work and asks her roommate Lily if she has the rest of the money for her part of the bills. Lily says she's been trying to make money but just hasn't had any luck and doesn't have the money. Upon further questioning, Alex learns that Lily really hasn't done any modeling work in months, she has just been going on the Internet and trying to get people to send her money because she's a fetish model. Alex tries to explain that it doesn't work that way, but Lily...

Fish Fury

19 year old Ashley is hired by her neighbor to watch his house and feed his prize-winning golden lionfish while he is away on buisness. He gets home to find her playing with fish... but not HIS fish. After some persuading, Ashley finally reveals that she accidentally added chlorine to the water and all his prize winning fish, and Kyle gives her the choice to have him tell her strict parents and have them spank her, or have him spank her himself and let her work it off without a lawsuit.

Jolie Snow's Real Discipline Session to Tears

Lily has been mentoring Jolie for a few years now, and this is the latest in her series of real discipline sessions. It has been a year since Jolie's last discipline spanking, and while she has improved in a lot of areas, she feels she still needs help with a few things like getting enough sleep for school and generally being a bit better disciplined and structured. She has also been slacking on sending her weekly behavior reports to Lily, which needs to be addressed. Because it is not for as...

Spanko Hide and Seek

Disciplinary Arts presents their newest game turned spanko-rules, SPANKO hide AND SEEK! In this video, Kyle invites Robert Wolfe to help him as the 5 girls LITERALLY hide from their impending spankings. They have an entire 5 bedroom house to hide in, and the camera follows Kyle and Robert in 3 rounds of Mayhem, as the tops try to find 4 out of 5 of the brats, with the last girl unfound getting out of a spanking completely. Every girl found gets a one minute VERY SOUND bare bottom spanking for...

Spanking & Slippering

Alex is in her room playing with a cute teddy bear, when her Lily comes in looking for HER special teddy bear which has gone missing. Alex thinks she's being slick by stuffing the bear under her pillow when Lily comes in, but Lily can see exactly where it is. Still, she questions Alex, and instead of just confessing, Alex lies and says she has no idea where it could be. Lily is disappointed, and lets her know that she'll be getting a spanking both for taking things that don't belong to her...

Breaktime Spanking

Ashley is butt naked making out with her co-worker Kyle on the couch of her bosses office during breaktime! After a hot make out session, Ashley tells Kyle her fantasy is to be spanked in an office on her bare bottom like a naughty little girl. He trys to oblige and she helps him start to fulfill her fantasy as they both get into the roleplay, when suddenly the boss shows up to end the fun. She fires Kyle promptly and tells Ashley that since its a spanking in the office she wants, that is...

Dani Hunt Caught Cheatin

Lily Starr's brother has been dating British beauty Danielle Hunt for awhile and their relationship is pretty serious and committed. So imagine Lily's shock when she happens across Dani making out with another boy at school! The couple does not see Lily, but she has the presence of mind to use her cell phone camera to record evidence before slipping away. The next day, Lily confronts Dani at her home while she is getting ready in the bathroom. First Dani tries to deny everything but when Lily...

Game Night How to Blackjack

The ladies are introduced to Spanko Blackjack. They are explained the rules and then the game is played. If you beat the dealer you will not get spanked but if you loose or bust out a spanking will be coming your way. Needless to say the dealer always wins.

Paddled for Ripped Panties

Girlfriends Alex and Lily are on vacation, getting ready to go out for the evening in their hotel room. Alex is waiting for Lily to finish, when Lily cries out an "Oh no!" She comes out of the bathroom and shows Alex the big hole she just slipped with her finger and ripped in her pretty brand new lace panties. Alex scolds Lily for being careless with her things, and starts to spank her over the ripped lace. She decides Lily should have a real spanking for this and pulls her over her lap, with...

Double Strapped Christy

In this very first team up by Disciplinary Arts and Assume the Position studios, there is very little set up and no storyline, the three girls are brought wearing schoolgirl outfits one by one and given 200 strokes of the strap each over panties for Nikki and Rochelle, and 100 swats over panties for Christy at the end, who crys her eyes out. All three are tearing up before the end of their very hard double strappings.

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