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Stevie's Tearful Lesson - Part 1

Part 1 - In this session, Stevie is back and she has started smoking again. Kyle is not going to have any of it, and after a lecture which leaves her in tears, he proceeds to put her in the corner for awhile before yanking her over his knee and blistering and bruising her bare bottom as hard as he can with his hand and a wooden hairbrush. She is bawling her eyes out and struggling and pleading as he disciplines this girl for her very bad choices.

Katee's 2nd Spanking

Katee Callaway has been seeing Kyle as her disciplinarian for a few months, and after a little time away, she screwed up and broke some drinking and smoking rules, and Kyle promised her a severe session to tears, which is exactly what she got. Kyle lectures her about her behavior, and then takes her over his knee for a very sound bare bottom spanking, and follows it up with a large bamboo bath brush which he reserves for very serious sessions and brings miss Katee Callaway to tears.

Worst Strapping Ever for Staying Up

After two previous discipline sessions of Lily Starr's for staying up all night and both times getting promises of "I won't anymore", Kyle finds out through conversation she is STILL staying up and, without too many words, picks up a strap, bares her butt, and blisters her.

Hitching A Spank

Kat is a young bratty girl who decides that she should use her body to find a ride to the next town by getting topless and flagging cars down on the side of a very deserted highway! A car pulls up with Kyle driving, who finds the fact that this young girl is practically selling herself appalling and decides to do something her parents obviously didnt: Give her a very sound and hard bare bottom spanking right in the middle of the freeway!

Sarah Spoiled

Kyle's Girlfriend Sarah decides to dress in slutty lingerie when Kyle's friends are coming over, to "show off" her goods in front of them! Kyle asks her politely multiple times to get dressed, and she refuses and throws a tantrum. Kyle finally has enough and decides to take his beautiful bratty girlfriend over his knee for a long hard spanking over her sheer lingerie before pulling the bottoms down for a long hard BARE bottom spanking!

Kat's Quick Maintenance Spanking

Kyle and Kat return to their roots here with Kat receiving her first sound Maintenance spanking in a long time! Kat and Kyle were flown into Indiana doing Couples Therapy with a young DD couple when Kat started bratting slightly and Kyle decided to remind her to be good!

Kat's Korner - Birthday Edition

It is Kat's 23rd Birthday and I am going to give her a hard spanking on her bare bottom. This clip is a few years old but it is a great clip featuring Kat and her nice spankable bottom. Great OTK spanking and punishment with a leather paddle.

Kyle Spanks an unsuspecting Asian Girl

Kyle decides to hire an asian girl for some "fun", his style... Hilarity ensues... Gotta check out this one, great acting and production. Starring Disciplinarian Kyle Johnson and the beautiful famous Fetish Model Amo Morbia.

Lily Meets the School Disciplinarian

Lily gets called into the Principal in charge of Discipline's office for smoking in the cafeteria and disrespecting her teachers. She is told that suspension is called for but because of her excellent academic record Kyle offers her an option which is rarely used, corporal punishment. Not wanting to lose her years of hard work towards college, Lily decides to take the spanking. What follows is a very harsh, very real, tearful otk spanking, followed by paddling and caning while bent over the...

Wanking Tube: Kat spanked for being a brat

Kat is checking out a website, and finds a comment she finds funny, so decides to harass Kyle with it and ends up getting a good spanking over his knee for it. Funny clip with a very hard otk hand spanking by a very pissed off boyfriend.

: Filaree Spanked for Procrastination

Filaree is back with another issue she wants to work on, this time its procrastination. She feels she procrastinates alot in life and in school, and wants to see if the discipline that helped her the last few times can help her with this issue as well. She receives a stern lecture followed by a very long sound spanking over pants and straight to bare bottom, where she bawls her eyes out and promises to be good.

Brooke's Betrayel: Part 3

Brooke has finally convinced Kyle and Mike to give a poly relationship with her a try. A montage is shown taking the guys from hating it to finding more fun in each to her than her. When she decides she is bored and is going to leave because she met another person, the guys are fed up and strip her naked of the clothes they bought her, before spanking her severely. Her new lover shows up and when SHE finds out the situation, she joins in and starts spanking Brooke as well until Brooke is...

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