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Jasmine Storm's Well-Earned Tanning

The beautiful Tall and leggy jasmine Storm has been Kyle's mentee for a couple months, and while out shopping she threw a major temper tantrum in the mall and was very disrespectful, feeling like she was in the right acting that way in front of Kyle's friends. He promises her a very hard bare bottom spanking when they get home, and tells her its going to be on camera. He makes her dress in a schoolgirl outfit as part of her punishment, and after explaining to her how not ok it is to act...

Rebellious Teen Joelle's Stepdad Lays Down the Law!

As a result of her mother's permissive parenting, young Joelle has been out of control, ignoring curfew, dressing promiscuously, dating an undesirable boy, letting her grades slip, and generally having a disrespectful bad attitude. Her stepfather, Robert, has finally decided to step in and give her the discipline she has been needing for a long time. He tries to have a talk with Joelle, but is met with more disrespect and is told that he and mom just need to chill out. So he does what he has...

Alex Reynolds Brutally Spanked, Paddled, Strapped and Caned

One of the most severe spankings in this store, and also one which hit Alex on a real emotional level more than any spanking she has received on video. She felt so bad because of being punished for a real reason that she completely lost it and had uncontrollable flowing tears through the majority of this discipline spanking. Alex was supposed to do a video shoot with Lily and Robert as they had done in the past during her latest trip to Southern California. They had driven the 2.5 hours out...

Nikkis First Spanking

19 year old nikki was spanked alot growing up.. in fact, her last bare bottom spanking from her mom was less than 4 years ago. Now, nikki has decided she needs discipline back in her life due to issues with procrastination among other things. Kyle sits her down and has a long talk about her behaviors and how what she is doing is affecting herself and her family, and how much lacking discipline and anyone to care enough to spank her has affected her. Kyle then takes her over his knee and...

Bliss Gets Blistered: Stolen Credit Card

Lily calls her Bliss to the living room for a discussion. She has been missing her credit card and looking everywhere for it only to be shocked to come across it in Bliss' dresser drawer when she was putting laundry away. She gives Bliss one more chance to confess to taking the card, but to no avail, so she finally explains that she found it in her room and knows she took it. Moreover, there were some new charges on the card totaling about $500 during the time it was "missing" to the online...

Taliah's First Spanking

Taliah is an Australian beauty who has only been in the US a few months. She came out to prove to her family she could make it in the U S of A, and yet, though she has had alot of work lined up and bills to pay, she has no motivation to do any of it and is on the verge of having to go back to Australia due to her laziness. Kyle has a talk with her about her motivation issues, and then sends her to stand in the corner for a bit, before taking her over his knee and pulling down her jean shorts...

The Devil Wears A Red Bottom

Erica Scott is the impossible to please boss from hell who gets her kicks from treating employees like slaves. Robert Wolf is the frazzled assistant who can't take it anymore. Erica has been sending Robert to fetch her dry cleaning, ordering him to bring her bottled water and then complaining because he brought the wrong kind. Finally, she tells him he needs to work overtime, even though he's got $100 tickets to the Philharmonic that night. He decides this job isn't worth the treatment he's...

What Women Want

Girlfriend given hard nude spanking for unspecific nagging! Sam and Kyle are making out nude in bed, trying to set the mood for the night, when Sam turns around and says goodnight. Kyle is confused and asks whats wrong, to which Sam says "You are not giving me what I want or need". Kyle trys to reason with her, only to get the same confusing response, and getting irritated, decides to get up in his boxers and pull his already nude girlfriend over his knee for a long and very hard spanking to...

Detention Delinquents 1 - Stevie

Detention Delinquents 1 features Nikki, Christy, Stevie and Kat as girls who just can't stay out of trouble. Before the end of detention, each and every one of them is given a very sound ruler spanking and a very hard and long over the knee bare bottom hand spanking, with each individual chapter focusing on a single girl, how she got in trouble, and her full spanking, before all four of them getting spanked together at the end of the day in part 5! In part 4, Stevie is caught passing...

Game Night Apples to Apples

In the full video, Kat, Sirena and Kisa Elaine sit down with Kyle to play a 5 round game. Each round consists of three sub-rounds. The girls have seven cards. Kyle draws a green card with a word on it, and each girl must put down whatever word from their hand they feel best matches the word he drew and Kyle then picks the winner, who gets a green card. By the end of the 3rd sub-round, if any girl is left without a green card, meaning their word was not picked, they go over Kyle's knee for a...

Hairbrushed to Hysterics - Severe Real Discipline

This is up there in Lily's top 5 most intense sessions EVER. This is the follow up "wait till we get home" segment to Lily's outdoor punishment on Thursday. Even after getting spanked over the hood of the car on the side of the road and knowing she was getting spanked again at home that night, Lily couldn't help still being bratty all day shopping with Alex. They picked up a new wooden hairbrush at one store to replace the plastic one Alex broke on her bottom in an earlier role play video but...

Tune up the hand

Kyle's roommate, Zayda, has just gotten out of the shower and finds Kyles prized guitar out in the living room, and decides since he is not home to play it. Kyle comes home early, though, and is furious to see her not listening once again. He decides action is necessary and after taking away her towel, he puts her naked butt over his knee for a very hard spanking.

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