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Pure Punishment: Audrina

In this edition of the Pure Punishment series, where its right into the spanking without a setup, cute bratty blonde audrina returns and gets her bare bottom blistered by Kyle's hand. If you love OTK handspanking, you will love this clip!

Gracies Maintenance Spanking - Part 1

Gracie has been staying with Kyle for a while now and she is about to go home. During her stay and before she came out she neglected to tell Kyle she had a drinking problem. During this session he gives her a hard hand spanking as a reminder for once she leaves to keep up her improved behavior, but for her lie by omission about the drinking issue she has, he belts her very hard to drive the point home, having her promise to never drink again.

The Makeup Spanking

Missy walks into to find little Stevie playing with her makeup, breaking most of it, and even using her lip stick to color in her coloring book. Missy is very upset with Stevie. She was left in charge to watch Stevie by her parents, so after a stern scolding, Missy asks Stevie what her parents would do if they were home. Stevie reluctantly admits she would get a bare bottom spanking for putting on makeup at her age, and for touching stuff that isn't hers. So Missy, under direction of Stevie's...

Pure Punishment: Hannah

Hannah is waiting in her room for Kyle to come in. Once he does, he asks her if she knows why she is sitting there about to get her bedtime spanking, once she replies, he immediately takes her over his knee and begins spanking her lecturing her about her behavior earlier that day. She is in tears before he even pulls down her panties promising not to do it ever again. With little talking Kyle continues to spank her not bright glowing red bare bottom. Once the tears stain her face and he...

Beating the Roommate

Stevie is very bored, and when her roommate Dani walks in, Stevie suggests they go do something, and Dani says she has a family engagement. Thats fine, up until stevie realizes Dani left her phone and she gets a text from someone asking why Dani doesnt want Stevie to hang out with them. Realizing she has been purposely left out and embarressed, she grabs Dani and after a stern lecture, flips her over her knee and hand spanks her soundly before stripping her nude from head to toe and...

Bath Brat

Stevie is relaxing in their room at the Shadowlane spanking party taking a bath in the giant jacuzzi tub their suite offers when Kyle comes in, letting her know they are late for the dinner. She says she still needs an hour after spending 2 in the tub, and when he says no, she turns on the jets so she can't hear him. He starts to yell at her, so she hits the jet stream button and soaks him with water from inside the bathtub... Kyle drags her ass out of the tub in her swimsuit and proceeds to...

Lil's First Spanking

Lil's has never been fully spanked OTK as an adult, and after sitting down with Kyle and talking about it, she decides she wants to see what a real spanking is like. Though lighthearted, this brat is spanked hard on her pants, panties and finally bare bottom til she is well marked and sore!

Stevie's Morning Reminder

Stevie was given a severe discipline session the night before by Kyle which left her marked and bruised, and at the end, he said he was going to finish her spanking the next morning, so after waking her up and sending her to the corner, he pulls her over for a no-nonsense spanking which has the poor beautiful little brat pleading and squirming and crying as she gets her panties puilled down and has her bare bottom spanked soundly with Kyle's hand and leather strap on her little milky white...

Caught Stealing

When Lily wakes up from a nap to find her 18 year old sister Kat going through her purse for money to go out to a concert with friends she is shocked and angry. Since their mom is not home, Lily decides to do what their mom does when they get in trouble: ADMINISTER A GOOD SOUND BARE BOTTOM SPANKING TO TEARS WITH HER HAND, MOM'S HAIRBRUSH AND DADS STRAP!

Kelly's Irresponsibility!

Kelly is a gorgeous model who see's Stevie for Discipline sessions, but the last time Stevie took time out of her schedule to set aside time for her, Kelly flaked at the last minute with no notice, even though she knew in advance she would not be able to make it. Due to this, Kyle steps in and decides to discipline Kelly himself.

Carmin's Disrespect Issues

Gorgeous carmin comes to Kyle with authority issues in her past and present. After sitting down with Kyle and explaining some of her past and the things she has done and the people she has wronged in her life, she is overcome with guilt. She really opens up on real life issues with Kyle, before he takes her over his knee for a REAL disciplinary spanking that leaves her with a very red marked bottom and real tears on her face by the end. She releases the pent up emotion and guilt she has...

Chica's Severe Sjambok Punishment

This punishment was filmed immediately after Chica's severe punishment spanking from Lily which can be seen in the previously posted clip. It is part of the same punishment session. Chica sends weekly behavior reports to Lily and these reports include a tally count of the number of times certain specific agreed on rules are broken, such as smoking cigarettes or missed bedtimes. Each month after her spanking, Robert delivers the final count for those broken rules in strokes from the dreaded...

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