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More Than She Bargained For - Part 1

More Than She Bargained For is a story about a spanking one night stand that goes a little further than Darby had expected.


Stevie and Mari have agreed to spank each other to try to fix the problems they have with each other in their lesbian relationship. Stevie has just been soundly spanked and tells her Girlfriend Mari that its her turn, and they switch, with Stevie taking Mari over her knee and returning the favor, spanking her VERY soundly to fix the major issues they have in their relationship. After awhile, Stevie pulls down Maris pants and panties and blisters her bare bottom. They both apologize and hug...

Product Tested, Bottom Approved

Tory gets Darby a job for a product testing company, but Darby is unpleasantly surprised to discover what kind of products she ends up testing in Product Tested, Bottom Approved.


Stevie and Mari are having a lovers spat, where both feel they are messing up in the relationship. Before Stevie storms off, Mari asks her to cool down and try to come up with a solution. They both come up with a solution and say it at the same time, and surprisingly, they both feel spanking would help their relationship, so they agree to spank each other for their mistakes, with Mari deciding she wants to spank Stevie first. Using her hand and wooden hairbrush, Mari makes her girlfriend...

The Borrower's Payback

Tory likes to borrow Darby's clothes, but doesn't like to ask first. She doesn't like the spanking Darby gives her, either, in The Borrower's Payback.


Stevie is hiking by herself in the beautiful wilderness, and since she is lacking a strong hiker to whisk her over his knee in nature and spank her bare bottom outdoors, she decides she is just going to deliver the spanking to herself and not miss out on a beautiful day. Stevie hikes to a semi private rock, lifts up her flowing skirt with no panties underneath, and with her hand and a switch, she spanks her own BARE BOTTOM out in nature and public, very soundly til she is satisfied with the...

Burning Bikini Bottom

Darby dons her cutest, tiniest bikini to flirt with and tease Tory's boyfriend. Tory doesn't like the competition and she knows just what to do about it in Burning Bikini Bottom.


In Pt 3, Mari enters the room nervously, as Kyle calls her over his knee and makes her get back up quickly to take her shoes off. She does and then, as they sit and talk about her bad schooling habits, he asks her the time and begins to soundly and briskly spank her bottom. She is taken aback by the difference in his personality from the videos, and he simply spanks her harder when she asks her questions. As the spanking ends and her poor bare bottom is hairbrushed, She and Stevie are...

Promiscuous Little Ass - Two

Then, Madison gets Her Promiscuous Little Ass spanked good and hard the younger woman is found messing around with Chelsea's boyfriend!


In Part 2, Kyle has picked up the hairbrush, promising to make Stevies fantasy come true, but though she gets a hard hairbrushing, and he takes her panties down, he also answers his phone and is very obviously interested in the business aspect and discipline above the fantasy Stevie made up on her essay. When Kyle finds out she made up her essay, he spanks her more soundly for lying and sends her out with an irritated attitude, a sore butt and requests that Mari be sent in for her trip over...

Promiscuous Little Ass - One

Then, Madison gets Her Promiscuous Little Ass spanked good and hard the younger woman is found messing around with Chelsea's boyfriend!


In Meeting Mr Johnson, Disciplinary Arts superfans and essay contest winners Stevie and Mari show up at the same time to the Disciplinary Arts studio, excited to receive their prize: airfare, rental car and a spanking from their spanking idol Kyle Johnson. However, much to their surprise, when they arrive, they find the usually well-humored Kyle is not that well humored in real life. In fact, he is very strict blunt, unfun and down to business. After some initial "pleasantries", Kyle takes...

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