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At Work and Spanked

Belinda and Rebecca are called into their boss' office for a discussion during lunch hour. Rebecca has been in his employ for about a year and a half, Belinda for five weeks. Rebecca is training Belinda. He has received six complaints this week from management about lost reports, bad timekeeping, and unfinished audits, and suspects this is due to the fact that the girls have become very friendly, going out late at night together drinking, when they are not even old enough to drink, and...

Miss Stevie Disciplines: Debbie Pants Down

In "Miss Stevie Disciplines: Debbie Pants Down", Stevies vanilla friend Debbie has a problem not listening to her husband, and Stevie knows the cure to this brats bad behaviors.. a firm bare bottom over the knee spanking for this NEVER-BEFORE-SPANKED vanilla friend of Stevies. Her husband sent her for discipline, and she leaves extremely marked and in tears. Debbie, after her pants come down, will never forget the hard and painful lesson she learned from Miss Stevie

A Mild Reminder

Belinda has been gardening outside in her underwear topless. The neighbors saw and wondered what was going on, so they spoke to her father, who was greatly embarrassed. He sent Belinda to wait in her room and think about what was going to happen an over the knee spanking! When he came in and questioned her, she told him she did it because she just felt like it. So he gives her a good spanking over his knee to remind her to conduct herself properly, embarrassing her by making her remove her...

Discipline Auditions: Lorelies Emotional Release Part 1

Lorelie is a young woman who used to see Kyle for discipline sessions and then disappeared when she got into a new relationship. She returns to him after realizing she has been acting jealous with her new relationship and that spanking is the only thing that works for her. She is going to be seeing Stevie in a Tears by Stevie session for her bad behaviors, but beforehand, she asks Kyle to get her into the headspace by pre-spanking her to tears before Stevie gets ahold of her. In this...

Missing Again

Lottie's guardian, Mr. Baxter, has received yet another phone call to make him aware that she has skipped her last class of the day for the third time in the past week and a half. He confronts her about it and reminds her that the last time it happened he warned her she would get a slippering if it happened again. She has nothing to say for herself, as her guilt is apparent, so he hands her the slipper and tells her to go to her room, bare her bottom and wait for her spanking. She removes her...

Blossoms Bad Diet 1

In "Blossoms Bad Diet 1", Stevie sits down with her friend and fellow spanking model Blossom, who has been having VERY unhealthy eating habits at work for a long period of time. she has been eating junk food, getting home and staying up all night to eat said junk food, and then heading to work. She says she has gained alot of weight recently from it and wants to stop. Stevie lectures her about the dangers of unhealthy eating and then proceeds to put this naughty girl OTK for a SOUND SPANKING...

Needs a Hard Strapping

Mr. Baxter has been called home from important business because he received a call that young Lottie had been sent home from school and suspended right before exam time for being caught piercing another girl's ear at school. Lottie says she is sorry and promises to study while she's off, but he believes she deserves a spanking for her actions and tells her to bend over the kitchen chair. She begs him not to, but he is firm and lifts her uniform skirt and bares her bottom for a hard punishment...

RDS: ARIELS GUILT (Ariel spanked SEVERELY to rid herself of blame over her relationship and bad decisions)

Ariel is a pretty young girl who recently moved to Southern California after losing her boyfriend, who had introduced her to Domestic Discipline and spanked her soundly for transgressions. She has been making poor life choices to fill the void he left and needs discipline to fill it instead. After an off camera lecture which leaves the very nervous girl in tears already, Kyle puts her over his knee and LITERALLY BLISTERS her LILY WHITE bottom as she cries her eyes out at her FIRST SPANKING...

Jodie Needs Discipline

Jodie is all set to leave the house wearing nothing but a tank top, skintight leggings and boots. Her guardian Mr. Baxter tells her she is not going out like that and needs to wear something more modest, but instead of going to change her clothes, she becomes argumentative and disrespectful, throwing a fit. Mr. Baxter decides Jodie needs her attitude adjusted, sits down in a kitchen chair and pulls her over his knee, spanking her soundly over her hot pink leggings, then pulling them down to...


The "REAL DISCIPLINE" series features real paid private discipline sessions that Kyle is doing with clients and friends, which he records with the spankees using an alias in exchange for giving the session. Most of these are vanillas who just want to see if it helps their personal ailments. Out of all the sessions recorded, around 85% have had positive results on stopping bad behaviors or acting as an emotional release/outlet. This is the session in full, from start to finish. NOTHING IS...

A Painful PR Lesson Part 3

Sarah gets sent home from the exclusive college, for which her mother (Chelsea) is dishing out the dollars, for dressing inappropriately. Mom takes charge and straightens things up starting with Sarah's bottom. In another exciting story, Sarah volunteers for the spanking of her life for using poor judgment when answering an interview question!


Stevies friend Quinn and her are getting ready to head to a rave when Stevie walks in on Quinn getting dressed to ask where her rave outfit is... only to find her PUTTING THE OUTFIT ON HERSELF! An OUTRAGED Stevie gets mad at her friend for smirking about the situation and borrowing her outfit without asking, and decides what she needs for this rave.. IS A BRIGHT RED BARE BUTT! Quinn is DRAGGED over Stevies Knee and her rave bottoms are YANKED DOWN, exposing Quinns Ample BARE BOTTOM as it...

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