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Dishonest Schoolgirl

Jasmine comes home from school seeming nervous. Her father Paul lets her know he has spoken to Angie from the drustore and that she informed him that Jasmine was suspected in a shoplifting crime at the store. Jasmine denies involvement and suggests that there are many girls who wear her school uniform and have dark hair. He tells her that she was caught on camera at the store and is suspected of stealing many cosmetic items. She still insists she is innocent, so he tells her to remove her...


Marie strips down NAKED and gets into the shower, leaving the door open a crack, not knowing Stevies boyfriend has told her to record a video of her in the shower for him secretly and to send it. Marie turns while in the shower washing her hands to catch Stevie red-handed. The dumb girl runs out of the bathroom trying to delete the video, but Marie in just a low cut robe is right behind her with a bathbrush, demanding answers. Stevie admits it, and an angry Marie drags her friend over her...

Sally Carter Interview

Peter interviews Sally Carter to star in some spanking movies, she has little spanking experience but is excited but a little nervous to be spanked. Sally must pull down her tights and knickers to show her bare bottom and get put over Peter's knee for a spanking to see if she has what it takes to be a spanking model. The spanking starts light with the hand and gets harder and faster as the spanking goes on and Sally says she can feel the stinging on her sore red ass.


Kyle and Stevie are newlyweds who are in the honeymoon suite Kyle paid for, making out and stripping each other naked during foreplay. That stops, however, when Kyle takes off Stevies bra and the hotel bartenders number falls out. Furious, Kyle demands an explanation and slaps Stevie hard across the face for her excuses before sentencing her to the hairbrushing of her life! Stevie is spanked soundly on her bare bottom with her angry hubbys right AND left hands, before she gets bent over...

Spurred Into Action

Matron confronts her employee Rebecca regarding her standards for cleaning the house. She says the work has been sloppy and unsatisfactory, but Rebecca defends her work and is flippant about the situation, rolling her eyes at her employer. Matron makes it clear that if Rebecca would like to continue as a live in employee in her home, she must change her attitude and greatly improve her work. Rebecca is shocked when Matron instructs her to take down her pants and panties for a spanking and...


"Stevie comes home from school nervously, with a note she takes out of her backpack for her Mom to sIgn, which lets her Mom know the school caught her making out with another female student under the bleachers. She was given 6 bare bottom swats with the paddle and they need a slip signed acknowledging it. Her Mom is determined to stop her daughters embarrassing behavior, so she says she is getting the belt, and makes her daughter drop her jean shorts and panties for a hard sound fast...

A Very Nervous Wait

2 Very foolish girls have been caught selling stolen makeup on school grounds. When the evidence comes to light the Headmaster is furious and immediately calls both culprits in for a stern lesson on what happens to those that steal and lie! Each girl is given a hard spanking on the bare bottom then the ring leader is informed she is to be given a severe slippering. Bending over she could not contain herself as the plimsol crashed into her bare bottom!

Spanking Fulfillment 2: Stevie

In Part 2 of Spanking Fulfillment, Marie has just been soundly spanked by Stevies hand and hairbrush, and now its Stevies turn. The nervous Stevie lays over her friends lap and gets her OWN pants, panties and soon her bare bottom spanked bright red by a determined and also freshly spanked Marie, before Marie picks up the hairbrush and tkaes it to Stevies bottom, lighting it up as Stevie howls and squirms. When they are finished, Stevie and Marie take pictures of each others bottoms to send to...

The Kailee & Chelsea Stories - The Switcheroo - Part 2

The long suffering Kailee finally had enough of her overly long, overly hard spanking audition and she turns the tables of the bossy Chelsea. What's Chelsea got to say about it? How about, "Oowww!".

Spanking Fulfillment 1: Marie

Stevie and Marie are best friends, bored on the couch at home with nothing to do. Marie confesses to Stevie that she has always had a fantasy of being spanked hard with ah airbrush by another girl and asks if its weird. Stevie confesses that she has had the same fantasy, and even has a hairbrush in her purse. They decide theres no better time than the present to cure their boredom with fantasy fulfillment, and Marie goes first over Stevies knee for a sexy and hard spanking, first over her...

The Kailee & Chelsea Stories - The Switcheroo - Part 1

The long suffering Kailee finally had enough of her overly long, overly hard spanking audition and she turns the tables of the bossy Chelsea. What's Chelsea got to say about it? How about, "Oowww!".


Marie is wearing only a sheer nightgown as she nervously awaits her punishment. The disciplinarian enters the room in a no-nonsense fashion and briskly flips her over his knee, instantly lighting up her bottom with a brisk flurry of hard swats to her nearly nude butt. He then orders the already sorry girl to lift her own nightgown up, exposing her CRIMSON RED bare bottom. He picks up a paddle as the girl desperately pleads and teaches her a lesson she will never forget.

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