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Naughty AnnaBelle

In Naughty AnnaBelle AnnaBelle was nosing around in Chelsea's room and found a stash of spanking magazines under Chelsea's bed. AnnaBelle was so enthralled with the discovery, she brought one of them out to get a better look at it. That's when Chelsea caught her...

A MUTE POINT (Feat. Kyle Johnson & INTRODUCING Johanna Sullivan)

This is the introduction video for the dynamic & bratty young new model Johanna Sullivan. In "A Mute Point", Johanna was caught communing with the males downstairs when co-habitation is forbidden at the Group Home she is staying in. Johanna was born a Mute and the people at the group home discipline the other females with hard corporal punishment when they don't listen. They tease Johanna about her condition, and when they catch her breaking the rules about cohabitation, the HOH Kyle comes in...

Respect the Hat

An expensive top hat is returned because it's damaged, it was Paige's job to ship the hat with care but she must learn her lesson to respect the hat! Elizabeth puts Paige over her knee and gives her a good hand spanking to ensure things are done right, and after a little ass rubbing the punishment continues with the slippering to finish.

BEAUTY IS PAYNE feat Johanna Sullivan & introducing Amanda Payne

In "Beauty is Pain", we introduce the powerful & dynamic new top Miss Amanda Payne to the spanking world as she drags in her mentee Johanna Sullivan for a spanking with her BIG HARD HAND on Johanna's nervous bottom for messing up her makeup by borrowing it without asking. Johanna was told she could use the crappy makeup but thought it would be ok to use the expensive stuff once in a blue moon, and Amanda Payne thinks otherwise. She takes Johanna over her POWERFUL knee and delivers a STINGING...

Mother's Old Fashioned Methods

Paige is on her way to the music festival, but Elizabeth finds Paige's bedroom a mess and illegal things and she must punish her accordingly. Putting Paige over the knee and giving her a hard hand spanking to start, but she needs a more intense bare bottom thrashing with the belt to learn her lesson!


In "Abusing Music", Jennifer is at her piano teaches house banging on the piano keys pretending like it was music when her tutor Kyle comes in, extremely aggrivated at his 2nd year student for her lack of progress. He tells her he isn't going to continue seeing her and is keeping her money for the rest of the years lessons, or her is going to teach her some "Musical Discipline" like he got in his own lessons as a young lad: With a good sound bare bottom spanking. The student nervously agrees...

Foul Mouthed Secretary

Paige made the mistake of being very rude to one of the best customers of the company she worked for. Office manager Miss Simpson was absolutely livid! Having warned her before about manners she decided a short sharp lesson was needed! Paige soon found herself bare bottomed over Miss Simpson's knee for a very hard spanking across her cheeks! Never ever think your to old for a spanking!


In "Scale of Pain: Jennifer", we see Jennifer staying at an intensive weight loss retreat for girls who want to lose every once of body fat. Jennifer joined the 12 step program a month before and lost 30 lbs. However, her self-placed goal of 1 lb per day finally catches up with her as she doesnt meet her daily goal and thus earns a very sound spanking on her lily white Pantie-Clad bottom, which his BIG hand covers completely every yelp-inducing swat. He then pulls down her panties and bares...

Wayward Kinky Girls

Anita is doing good in school and getting good grades. Her only problem is that she thinks she is better then other girls and tends to bully the other girls. To correct her behavior I take her over my knee for a proper hand spanking and then a dose of the slipper.

RDS Stevies Razor Strap Punishment Pt 2

After the lecture and hard razor strapping on her bare bottom, which has Stevie close to tears, Kyle makes her stand up and puts her over his knee for a hand spanking as hard as he can give it on her already sore bottom. She screams and crys but to no avail, as her Husbands blistering hand continues to punish her milky white skin, turning it cherry red. Than, as she lays crying, Kyle picks up the hairbrush, and depsite her protests and pleading, delivers one of the hardest hairbrushings he...

Thrashing of a Call Girl

Miss Barker runs a tight ship with her call girls & the exclusive clients they service. When one of the girls Angelina didn't come up to scratch Miss Barker decided some motivation was needed! Thrashed first over her knee & then bent over the desk Angelina's bottom was given a full going over with the paddle!

RDS Stevies Razor Strap Punishment Pt 1

As the camera starts, Stevie is already kneeling on the couch with the Razor Strap hanging around her neck. She is lectured about her recent bad behaviors which made her husband have a hard time at a work event they went to together due to alcohol again, and not listening to him about a few things. Then he takes down her tights and bares her bottom for an IMMEDIATE hard dose of the Razor Strap which leaves her red and squirming and begging right away. However, she is strapped for 10 minutes...

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