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The Kailee & Chelsea Stories - The Audition - Part 2

Kailee decided she'd like to work as an actress in spanking movies. When she called Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment, she was told she must audition before being cast in a spanking movie. Chelsea conducted the audition herself and, unfortunately for Kailee, it was more than just a simple interview.


In BROTHERS HAND, teens Quinn and Stevie are sitting nervously in Quinn's room, waiting for their older brother Kyle, who came home early and saw them smoking his cigarettes. They wanted to try out smoking and Kyle, who is a smoker himself, feels horribly guilty about setting an example that might have led them to smoke. Their parents are out of town and Kyle decides that even though he doesn't have permission, he is going to soundly spank BOTH his younger sisters in the same way they are...

The Kailee & Chelsea Stories - The Audition - Part 1

Kailee decided she'd like to work as an actress in spanking movies. When she called Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment, she was told she must audition before being cast in a spanking movie. Chelsea conducted the audition herself and, unfortunately for Kailee, it was more than just a simple interview.

A STRAPPING WITH A VIEW (A pouting Marie strapped very soundly bare bottom against a giant public window by her angry mentor for disrespect)

In A STRAPPING WITH A VIEW, A very pouty Marie is waiting in bed in their giant presidential suite for her mentor, who told her she is to be punished severely for disrespectful actions in front of clients of his. He takes no time in scolding the naughty girl before making her lay in front of the OPEN glass window, where anyone on the street or parking lot can see them, and proceeds to strap her over her shorts before pulling them down and strapping her little panties and then stripping those...

Naughty Chair

Justine was sent to our school to prepare her for the university. After some examination and re-testing it came to light that Justine had someone else write her entrance exam. We do not allow cheating and lying and per our entrance book discipline can be used in these situations. Justine is given a severe hand spanking, slippering and caning to correct her behavior.

TATTLE TAILS PT 2: Stevie Rose has her bare bottom tanned RIGHT AFTER watching Jennifer Rich get spanked and talking shit

In Tattle Tails Pt 2, Kyle has just let a very sore and sorry Jennifer off his lap, with her BARE BOTTOM exposed and heated, just to switch places with Stevie, who has been smirking and watching the whole time during Jennifer's spanking. NOW ITS PAYBACK TIME as Jennifer, bottom completely bare, sits on the arm of the couch and watches Stevie's blistering while talking shit and laughing at her pain. As Stevie's shorts and panties come down, she begins to yelp, howl and plead as Jennifer looks...

#PRANKYOURTOP - Stevie and Marie spanked together for pranking Kyle on #NationalPrankYourTop Day

Stevie and Marie are bored as their grouchy top Kyle is reading his book on the couch across from them. Suddenly, Marie sees that its #NationalPrankYourTop Day and they tell Kyle, He gives them permission for a few pranks IN MODERATION and as long as they aren't during his daily meditation time he takes in his late Grandfathers chair in the front. The pranks ensue, as the girls hit, scare, scald, gross out and burn their overly exasperated top. That is, until Stevie speeds up the car pulling...

Isabella's Detention

Isabella is sitting in detention for getting in trouble as her attitude has been getting bad and school work slipping. So Headmaster puts her over his knee for a good hand spanking and then pulls up her skirt as the spanking goes on! Her knickers finally get pulled down for a bare bottom hand spanking before she gets a timeout. She is then bent over the desk for a hard strap spanking on her bare bottom, as she tries to rub her sore red ass to relieve the pain before more corner time!

Naughty Step-Daughter

Lena's attitude has been bad the last few weeks and getting worse and not helping around the house, so she gets the choice to pack and get out or get punished! So she is put over the knee for a good hand spanking over her pants before those come down for a bare bottom spanking! The punishment goes on as Lena bends over with her hands on her knees and gets caned as she cries out in pain and tries to rub the sting out of her red bottom!

TATTLE TAILS PT 1: Jennifer Rich taken OTK in order to see Stevie Rose spanked next

In Tattle Tails Pt 1, Kyle is reading his peaceful book when both the ever mouthy Stevie Rose and the very bratty Jennifer Rich walk in, both ratting each other out for spankable things they had done that week. An exasperated Kyle tells them that as their disciplinarian, if they don't stop telling him things, that they will BOTH get spanked. Each brat crosses her arms and says I don't care if i get spanked as long as she does. So Kyle makes them play rock paper scissors to see who gets...

Caned and Slippered Prefects (Caned Headgirls)

The head school girls are chatting about getting disciplined, as the Headmaster comes in and confronts them on misbehaving! So each girl gets slippered on her bare bottom as they are bend over, and then Katie gets caned!

Kissing Mr Johnson: A Fantasy Roleplay

Jennifer was told to write a roleplay of her BIGGEST spanking fantasy to be acted out, and this is what she came up with. Jennifer is called into the school counselor, Mr Johnson's, Office. She comes in with a VERY short plaid skirt, button up top, and flirty little attitude. Mr Johnson tells her that due to her attendence, and the repeated times he has had to meet with her, she is being expelled. The girl, who is used to getting what she wants, begs Mr Johnson with a pouty face if there is...

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