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RDS: Johannas Emotional Release: THE HAIRBRUSH FINALE

In the final blistering part of this intense real discipline session, night has fully approached in the back window as Johanna, almost at the end of her session, is made to feel the wooden hairbrush for the FIRST TIME in her life at the hands of her new mentor Kyle. Her skin blisters and welts from EVERY SMACK as she sobs and squeals and begs to no avail. After 5 minutes of a blistering intermittent hairbrushing, Kyle lets the poor girl sit on his lap and runs her back, talking about the...

Bad Work

Jasmine is doing bad work in school, when letters get sent home Mr Baxter is informed of the situation and takes action to correct this with some spankings. The hand punishment is not enough for Jasmine since this is not the first time in trouble so she gets the belt too!

RDS: Johanna Sullivan's Emotional Release Pt 2

In Pt 2, as the sun is setting and the sky is getting dark, the spanking CONTINUES on Johannas thong-clad BUTT as she squirms and crys over her new mentors knee. Her bottom is getting MORE & MORE bruised and marked as the discipline and emotional release continues, as do the tears from the VERY SORRY GIRL! Her sorrys and pleading fall on deaf ears as he continues to punish her pale skin! He then decides that she is not sorry enough and picks up his hairbrush to finish in... THE HAIRBRUSH FINALE!

Bad School Report

Cathy's last school report was bad, she's been getting detention and joking in class, this is unacceptable and will be punished accordingly. To learn her lesson Cathy gets a good spanking from Peter, including a some smacks with the hairbrush.


Kyle Johnson and Jason, a new top in the scene, start by taking their respective bottoms over their knee for naughty behaviors, over their dress and skirt and continuing straight past panties onto their BARE BOTTOMS! At the end of the scene, Kyle and Jason take his bottom over their knee for a double dose of their hand the model will NEVER forget! A VERY INTENSE DOUBLE OTK SPANKING SESSION FOR TWO VERY NAUGHTY BRATS!

Well Centered

In Well Centered AnnaBelle is paying the big bucks for private yoga instruction. But, when instructor Chelsea finds that her student isn't trying hard enough, she finds it's become necessary to apply some exterior, or rather, posterior motivation.

RDS: Johanna Sullivan's Emotional Release Pt 1

In "RDS: Johanna's Emotional Release", an explosive session that literally lasts from day til night out the window behind Kyle and his very nervous first-time session, model Johanna Sullivan. In the past, Johanna has shot fun spanking videos with multiple companys, but has never had a REAL discipline session. They talk in depth about her background before putting her over his lap, and spanking her soundly with his hand to help her break through her walls and have a FULL EMOTIONAL RELEASE, no...

Naughty AnnaBelle

In Naughty AnnaBelle AnnaBelle was nosing around in Chelsea's room and found a stash of spanking magazines under Chelsea's bed. AnnaBelle was so enthralled with the discovery, she brought one of them out to get a better look at it. That's when Chelsea caught her...

A MUTE POINT (Feat. Kyle Johnson & INTRODUCING Johanna Sullivan)

This is the introduction video for the dynamic & bratty young new model Johanna Sullivan. In "A Mute Point", Johanna was caught communing with the males downstairs when co-habitation is forbidden at the Group Home she is staying in. Johanna was born a Mute and the people at the group home discipline the other females with hard corporal punishment when they don't listen. They tease Johanna about her condition, and when they catch her breaking the rules about cohabitation, the HOH Kyle comes in...

Respect the Hat

An expensive top hat is returned because it's damaged, it was Paige's job to ship the hat with care but she must learn her lesson to respect the hat! Elizabeth puts Paige over her knee and gives her a good hand spanking to ensure things are done right, and after a little ass rubbing the punishment continues with the slippering to finish.

BEAUTY IS PAYNE feat Johanna Sullivan & introducing Amanda Payne

In "Beauty is Pain", we introduce the powerful & dynamic new top Miss Amanda Payne to the spanking world as she drags in her mentee Johanna Sullivan for a spanking with her BIG HARD HAND on Johanna's nervous bottom for messing up her makeup by borrowing it without asking. Johanna was told she could use the crappy makeup but thought it would be ok to use the expensive stuff once in a blue moon, and Amanda Payne thinks otherwise. She takes Johanna over her POWERFUL knee and delivers a STINGING...

Mother's Old Fashioned Methods

Paige is on her way to the music festival, but Elizabeth finds Paige's bedroom a mess and illegal things and she must punish her accordingly. Putting Paige over the knee and giving her a hard hand spanking to start, but she needs a more intense bare bottom thrashing with the belt to learn her lesson!

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