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April Discipline - Part 1

20 year old April, Kyles good friend from High School, came to him asking for some help in dealing with some issues she has and bad decisions she feels she has made. Kyle agrees to help her and after a long emotional talk which brings her to tears, Kyle takes her over his knee and gives her an almost 15 minute spanking with hand and wooden spoon til she is kicking and bawling. Afterwards she is comforted and crys it out in Kyle's arms! Part 1 is interview and hand spanking over the jeans.

Fighting in School

Kisa and Kat have been sent to the office of their strict private school for fighting with each other and not wearing uniforms that are not up to school standards. The headmistress punishes them by making them bend over the desk one at a time and have their skirts lifted, panties lowered, and bare bottoms tawsed. After both girls have been punished they kneel on the couch with their red striped sore bottoms exposed. The girls are made to apologize to each other and promise to behave in...

Shower Showdown

Vivica, Kyle's Girlfriend, got spanked in the morning for not taking out the trash. as afternoon comes around, Vivica decides to get in the shower with her still bright red butt thinking Kyle is getting home later. He gets home early to find the trash still not taken out and promptly takes Vivica out of the shower completely nude and gives her a wet nude OTK spanking to tears, her second spanking in less than three hours.


Bratty Popstar Tear Star is recording a new album and she decides to brat off to her manager, complain about everything and sound quality and everything else. He is fed up with it and decides to spank her little bare bottom til she can't sit and yells and squirms til she loses her voice and can't sing anymore.

The Double Belting

Sophie and Kat are neighbors on vacation in Vegas. They were supposed to be getting dressed to meet their boyfriends downstairs for an expensive dinner that had been planned for weeks, but instead they decide to read a magazine in their underwear together for a few minutes first. Before long, a few minutes turns into an hour and Kyle and Danny come back to the room furious. After lecturing the girls and getting no response, Danny and Kyle reveal an embarrassing truth to them both that they...

Angelica's Maintenence Spanking

Angelica returns for her first maintenance spanking. After previously stealing twice from her mother and a department store, my family friend angelica returns as was part of the previous agreement to recieve her first monthly Maintenance spanking. Boy, does she get it!

Spanking the Maid

Kyle hires a maid to help clean his house and watch over his two weinerdogs. The service sends over a french maid who decides that she would rather drink than clean, and shares it with his . Kyle catches her in the act and gives her an ultimatum: He will call the maid service and she will be fired, or he can deal with her in the same way he deals with his own wife when she misbehaves:

Filaree Returns

Filaree, the 21 year old who originally came to us a few months ago due to her making mistakes in her life and not living the way she wanted to live, returns here for her second accountability session with Kyle. This time, she wanted to confront an even bigger issue: her anger. After all the family situations and abuse that had happened throughout her life, she had alot of built up anger and was regularly taking it out on people who loved her, and she wanted to stop the habit. She drops a...

Lily's Stress Relief Spanking

Lily had been feeling stressed out and down lately due to a number of factors including financial, issues with the school she was attending, health, car, etc. so a couple of weeks ago she had asked Kyle for a stress relief session the next time they got together to film. The result was this lengthy and intense yet caring and helpful spanking session. In this first half you will see the OTK portion which includes hard hand spanking over jeans, panties, and bare bottom, as well as a paddling...

Kisa's first spanking past tears

18 year old Kisa flew out to Kyle from across the country for discipline sessions and structure. Kyle decided to sit her down and set the rules down, and give her the first real spanking of her life.

Kat's Failed Prank

This is one of Kats real severe discipline sessions that are few and far between. Kat decided it would be funny to try dressing like the girl from the grudge to jump out and scare kyle, but he caught her before her prank went off, and she threw a temper tantrum. Kyle tells her she is getting a spanking, and decides to film it to add to the embarressment. A very severe but caring spanking, with comforting at the end!

Serial Spanker

Sarah and Kat are having a slumber party and trying to record a spanking video when their phone keeps ringing and a mysterious and scary man on the other end starts to scare them. They are interrupted from their own spanking fun when the man from the phone shows up at their house and breaks in to give these cute little brats a spanking they deserve.

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