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Dressed For A Spanking - Part 1

In Dressed For A Spanking, Krissy is a naughty neighbor who parades around the hood in revealing attire, leaving little to the imagination of other wives husbands, Krissy is hand spanked, hairbrush spanked and then strapped with Chelsea's own leather belt. Yup, it's yanked straight out of the belt loop's of Chelsea's jeans!

RDS: Stevies Sounds Punishment

Stevie was irresponsible by not checking some safety precautions she was supposed to, and Kyle decides she needs to be soundly punished for it. He brings her into the room, and Stevie, who is VERY pouty, is taken OTK and handspanked first over shorts, than panties, than on her bare bottom, til she is squirming and yelping. Kyle than sends her to find a switch, which, when she isnt able to, he picks up his thickest wooden hairbrush and spanks Stevie soundly to tears before standing her in the...

The Messy Girl

Pixie's habit of carelessly causing Chelsea to clean up after her is cured with a sound spanking in The Messy Girl!

Visiting Coach Day Pt. 2

In Visiting Coach Day Pt. 2, Stevie already has a brightly glowing and stingy bottom before she is told that the spanking she just got was for the first late infraction, and that Coach Day intends to respank her with his hand for the second lateness, following it up by making her stand up and paddling her bare bottom soundly with her little cheer skirt raised over her throbbing bare bottom. A very sound spanking to a very naughty and deserving Cheerleader!

Chelsea's Personal Assistant Pt3

Part 3 - As Chelsea's Personal Assistant, Pixie just can't seem to please! Pixie receives a hard paddling on her bare bottom.

Visiting Coach Day Pt. 1

In Visiting Coach Day Pt. 1, Cheerleader Stevie is called into Coach Days office to discuss her being late multiple times to cheer practice. He tells her she is either leaving the squad or taking a spanking as per the school guidelines. Stevie chooses the spanking and is surprised to find Coach Day pull back his chair and say he is going to administer it right then. She goes over her coaches knee for a hard hand spanking over her skirt, panties and then bare bottom before he takes a leather...

Chelsea's Personal Assistant Pt2

Part 2 - As Chelsea's Personal Assistant, Pixie just can't seem to please! Pixie is spanked OTK on her bare bottom.

Stevie's Groovy Self Spanking

In this unique clip, without a word being uttered, Stevie walks in and proceeds to give herself a silent spanking of a lifrtime, the only vocals you hear are her yelps and owwies as she spanks herself in a hippy shirt and rainbow panties which she soon takes off, and proceeds to spank herself with a variety of implements, including hand, hairbrush, leather strap and a GIANT GUITAR SHAPED PADDLE! Great self spanking!

Chelsea's Personal Assistant Pt1

Part 1 - As Chelsea's Personal Assistant, Pixie just can't seem to please! Pixie is spanked OTK over her skirt and panties.

Roommate Reports

Marilyn is waiting for her roommate stevie on the day they set aside to give each other roommate reports about each others behaviors in the week to fix some issues they were having. If their report was more bad than good, that roommate would be given a spanking. Stevie, being thoughtless, forgets the assignment and quickly trys to cover it up, which Marilyn realizes quickly. Knowing that Stevie didnt take the assignment seriously infuriates her, andMarilyn grabs Stevie and pulls her over her...

Beach Blanket Spanking

Pixie is spanked outdoors on a beautiful beach in Beach Blanket Spanking.

RDS: Stevies Fiery Spanking Pt 2

Stevie went out a few days previously and left the stove boiling which melted some plastic on the stove and filled the entire house with smoke while the animals were inside. She came home and though it was quick enough that no harm was done, she felt horrible about the possibilitys that could have happened. In part 2 of her punishment, Stevie is caned til the cane breaks, so he switches to the paddle, and then she is strapped soundly on her bare bottom til she is sobbing and promising to...

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