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Mario Madness

Kat gets hooked on an old school video game. So hooked that she neglects to do her chores, and when Kyle confronts her on it and she dies on the game, she throws the controller and hits Kyle with it. He decides to blister her cute little butt, and does so. This is an 8 minute hand spanking to and past tears, with her kicking her legs as her little bare butt gets toasted.

Trash Troubles

In TRASH TROUBLE, Christy walks in to see the trash full, and instead of doing her chore and taking it out, she decides to ignore it. When Kyle finds out, he drags her into the kitchen and gives her a very well deserved bare bottom spanking propped up on the kitchen counter. She pleads and squeals and crys as the kitchen implements are applied to her bare bottom, but the spanking doesn't stop until Kyle knows shes learned her lesson.

Sexy Spanking

Girlfriends Sarah and Kat run across a hidden stash of paddles while prancing around in barely-there matching lingerie, and decide that theres no better way to see what the paddles feel like than to test them on each others barely covered bottoms! Watch Kat bend Sarah over and turn her bright red with half the paddles, and then watch Sarah turn Kat over to get some much needed sexy payback! VERY HOT VIDEO WITH LOTS OF SPANKING AND TWO HALF NAKED


In this reenactment, Monica describes three spankings she recalls from her past. The first on is where her and her sister sneak out late at night to go partying and come home to find their mother waiting for them. Her mom belts her and her step dad takes her sister over his knee and they spank them to tears for sneaking out. The second one Monica and her sister are caught in school smoking and their mother gets called. When their mother got home from work she marched them both to the kitchen...

Dev's Lesson in Honesty and Behavoir

Dev had known Kyle almost three years now and finally he was able to make it out to her side of the country to see her. She has been bratting a lot the entire time since they first started speaking. During her interview with Kyle they discuss their past together, her spanking interests and history, and how nervous she is about her impending discipline session she has with him, her first one ever from Kyle.

Lorelie's Tearful Spanking

20 Year old Lorelie has been friends with Kyle for awhile, and originally was supposed to session with him for bad choices, but changed her mind. Now, after a couple months, she has come back determined to go through with it, as she got kicked out and started doing sexual favors and escorting for fast cash and feels incredibly guilty about it. Kyle talks to this rebellious young girl, lectures her until she is in tears, and then makes her kneel in the corner for 10 minutes before taking her...

Spanking the Floosy

In SPANKING THE FLOOSY, feat. Stevie Rose and Lorelie, Kyle is reading a book downstairs when Stevies roommate Lorelie comes down in only a robe. She says its hot and drops the robe, leaving Kyle stunned. She sits on his lap, seduces him and when he doesnt take to her advances, starts crying and when he trys to comfort her, she starts making out with him. Kyle pretends like he has a work call, but leaves the room and calls Stevie, who shows up just in time to see a butt-naked lorelie dancing...

Maid to Spank

Stevie takes a naked shower with the hotel maid and both are spanked hard for it! Kyle goes to put their luggage in the car at their hotel in Vegas and while he is gone, a cute non-english speaking maid named Maria comes and asks stevie if she wants her room serviced. Stevie thinks she means something else and when Kyle gets back, he finds them in the Shower servicing each other. He drags them out and Stevie explains that they had a magical time together, so Kyle takes first Stevie, than...

The Boozehound gets Bruisebound

Christy is staying at the house with Kisa while Kyle is out of town, and Kisa gets home early from a jog to find Christy drinking her alcohol without asking about it. Kisa sees no remorse from theboozehound, so she pulls out her hairbrush, takes the girl right over her knee in front of the liquor cabinet, and proceeds to spank her bare bottom until she is pleading and promising to be a good girl This Boozehound is DEFINITELY bruise-bound!

Stevies Lesson in Mockery

Stevie Spanked severely by her Principal for mocking him in his office! Stevie and Kisa are sitting with the principal for being truant when he gets a phone call. He steps outside and Stevie decides to take the paddle off the wall and make fun of him. He walks back in, catching her, and sends Kisa back to class so he can give Stevie a SEVERELY hard bare bottom spanking with his hand and the paddle she was so ready to make fun of him with!

Smoker Justice

Stevie and Kisa are smoking tobacco that they found under her roommate allyssa's mattress. When Allyssa comes looking for her smoke, Stevie giggles and points to the hookah that she put the pot in to smoke it. Even though she is messed up herself, Allyssa decides to take Stevie over her knee anyways and give her a good sound spanking. Kisa leaves after the spanking starts as it is "Harshing her mellow", but the spanking continues until Stevie is bare bottomed, kicking, and pleading for it to...

The Switch Off

Stevie doesn't get why he is so pissed other guys were checking her out.Josh thinks he needs to get her attention, so he decides to follow through on his earlier threat and he yanks her over his knee and begins to spanked her all ready exposed bottom. To get the point fully home he spanks her hard over her panties and bare bottom as well. While he is spanking her, she is still defending herself and makes a remark about a girl who had checked him out earlier and he makes a sexist comment about...

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